Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Maya

This was my first, of 3 sessions this year, including a 1 month old baby. Babies are precious. I love babies. But babies are not very good models. Despite that fact, I still really enjoyed shooting this session. I got to know Frank and Steph even more than with their last session, which was also my first maternity session. A lot of patience is definitely required when taking pictures of babies. Good thing I seem to have quite a bit of that. Despite the difficulties of working with a tiny baby, we managed to get her comfortable enough for a few great shots. I also really enjoyed taking the pictures in the nursery. This is where it seems like most of life is spent with a new baby. And a lot of life consists of crying and sleeping cuddled in mom's arms. Even though it's every day life, it's not something that is frequently captured in pictures. I love being able to capture the simplicity and beauty of every day life.

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