Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Olivia, Chris, & Lilah

They are such a cute family. And Lilah is a character! She's only two, but she's oh so very smart. Livie is my cousin, and it's weird to think that we're both in our 20s and she's now in the family stage of her life. I still remember having sleepovers at Grandma's house and fighting over who got the pink side of the bed, the other side was green. Haha She always won, but hey, green is now one of my favorite colors. Last year I shot Lilah's one year pictures, and that was one of the first sessions that I had done. This year we scheduled her two year pictures, and a few weeks or so before the session, Livie announced that her and Chris were engaged. So I got to take pictures of Lilah on her own, family pictures, and engagement pictures, all in one session. It was a gorgeous fall day, well a little on the cold side, but still lovely. We shot the pictures in my aunts yard. She lives in the middle of the woods, so there were tons of leaves for Lilah to play in, and for me to get wonderful golden bokeh.
And I can't wait to shoot Livie and Chris' wedding!

Haha, the second picture. I wish you could hear what's going on. Lilah has this thing with saying "Diva" and putting her hand on her hip, and that's how you get her to pay attention to getting her picture taken. So all day we were walking around saying "diva". I just happened to capture them all doing it at the same time.

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