101 in 1001

101 in 1001
These are my goals and things that I'd like to do over the next 3 years. As you can see I still need to add about 20 more, so help me think of some things I should do.
Start date: August 9, 2010

1.spend a weekend at a beach
2.purposely spend a weekend without the computer (and that means nothing on the computer, not even loading in pictures) several times a year
3.go in a tethered hot air balloon ride
4.read at least 5 whole books in a year (5/5)
5.join a Bible study/small group
6.complete at least 10 crafts found on pinterest (4 out of 10)
7.have a photoshoot with youth group girls
8.create a book with my favorite photos
9.write anonymous letters and leave them in random places (1 out of many)
10.go on a date
11.get rid of all of the useless pictures on my computer desktop
12.have at least two photoshoots a month for a year
13.shoot at least 7 weddings in one year
14.cook dinner once a week so that mom doesn't have to
15.spend a couple of days with a few of my favorite photographer friends
16.have pictures taken of myself by a photographer
17.have a fully designed blog
18.pay for a full website
19.attend WPPI
20.pay my dad back for my camera($800 so far)
21.blog at least 5 times in a week
22.second shoot another wedding with Sarah Danaher
23.have a real logo and business cards made by a graphic designer
24.own an iphone
25.do a photography internship with Lehigh Valley Style Magazine
26.find a new church home
27.print out several of my favorite photos in large sizes (2 out of )
28.lead worship on a Sunday morning
29.make a mix CD for a different friend every month for a year (2 out of 12)
30.send out birthday cards to all of my family members
31.go to New York City for the day
32.attend 1st Friday in Philly
33.paint my room
34.make my room look like an office/studio/bedroom
35.take stylized food photos
36.learn how to keep track of my money
37.shoot a whole session with the Rolleiflex
38.lead worship at Ignite
39.take someone that I admire out to lunch
40.buy a coat to donate
41.make my closet look like it's actually a walk-in
42.make a skirt
43.be able to pay for things like my cell phone and gas
44.pay for someone's coffee
45.determine if I really am allergic to wheat or if it's something else weird going on with my body
46.have a picnic in the woods
47. dance when people can see me
48.bake something by following the recipe and have it turn out right
49.meet at least fifteen online friends (10 out of 15)
50.surprise someone with flowers
51.don't buy any clothes for a whole month
52.do the 30 for 30 challenge
53.fill up an entire notebook
54.watch a movie I wouldn't normally watch
55.visit an aquarium
56.take a youth group kid out for something fun
57.compliment a stranger
58.wear a cute hat in public
59.write a letter and mail it to someone
60.dip dye a t-shirt
61.go to a concert of a band that i've never heard before
62.get new glasses
63.eat real sushi (you know the stuff with raw fish, not just vegetables)
64.purchase a photograph from someone
65.get a dog
66.plan an outside party where i can decorate based on a theme and basically make look like it came from a Martha Stewart magazine
67.make homemade icecream that actually tastes good
68.highlight my hair
69.own and watch frequently every episode of Chuck
70.attend the taping of a TV show
71.have and keep more than $500 in my bank account
72.learn to like at least 3 fruits that I don't already like
73.spend an hour just people watching
74.bake something to give away
75.make homemade sushi
76.participate in a stylized shoot
77.check out books from the library again
78.sleep in the backyard
79.get my mom on Facebook
80.travel somewhere on a plane
81.read my Bible at least 6 days a week for the whole 3 years (started Aug. 2010)
82.get photos published either online or in a magazine
83.visit Hillsong NYC
84.photograph a celebrity
85.have over 500 fans on my Facebook Fan Page
86.write a letter to the CEO of a company to affirm or critique the ethics of their company
87.Go through a local thrift store and drop $1 bills in random pockets of the clothing being sold.
88.buy a bunch of coffee and bagels or donuts and walk around downtown Easton handing them out to people who look like they could use something to brighten their day
89. Print up favorite Instagram photos to make a poster type thing
90.walk around downtown Easton and put quarters in meters that are about to expire and leave a little note
91. pay the toll for two cars behind me
92.give a generous tip at a restaurant
93.learn how to use chopsticks
94.finish an entire coloring book
95.own a pair of high heels
96.create a photoshoot using the “photoshoots concepts” board on pinterest
97.go to the movies
99. record a song and post it online
100. take vocal lessons
101. teach some sort of photo class
102. spend at least 3 weeks away from home
103. learn yoga

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