Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kelsey & Ryan Wedding Part 1

It's been awhile since I posed the sneak peek for this wedding and now you finally get to see some more photos from it. And you know what, I thought that I talked about the wedding in some post, but I guess I didn't. ha. Well here's the story.
One day I was just looking around online at various photo blogs, like I do almost everyday, and I came across Sarah's blog. I immediately loved her photos, but what I loved more was her writing and honesty that seemed to connect with me in a way that I've never felt when reading any other photographer's blog. So I started leaving comments on like practically every entry. haha ok not quite every one, but at least 3 or 4. Then not too long after that Sarah emailed me and asked me if I'd like to second shoot a wedding with her. And this wedding happened to be about 15mins away from my family's really close friends the Campbell's, who I had been wanting to visit all summer. Um I practically fell out of my chair. Talk about a God thing. The whole weekend was filled with "God things".
This was the first wedding that I had ever photographed, and well it totally surpassed my expectations of weddings and wedding photography are like. I never really thought of either thing as something that'd like that much. Sarah told me that she hoped that I'd fall in love with weddings and learn to love people in love. I thought it'd take a little more convincing, but this one wedding was all I needed to be hooked on weddings. The wedding was filled with lovely little details all in shades of turquoise and red. Kelsey and Ryan were such a relaxed and happy couple. They were just happy to be there with each other and their friends and family celebrating.
I haven't finished editing the photos yet, so there will be more to come.
In the mean time, please enjoy these. And also please check out Sarah's pictures HERE.

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  1. You should feel so very proud of your work. You did such a good job, this is so beautiful!


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