Thursday, September 2, 2010


For those you who don't know, I'm on the volunteer staff (but we like to call ourselves V-Staff) for the youth group at my church. This week we had Slopfest. Because really, what youth group is complete without messy food games? It was also the day to welcome students that just started 6th grade into the youth group. It was a night filled with laugher and stink. haha Yes it was rather smelly. I didn't get messy, lame I know, but well I had the camera. And actually really none of the V-Staff got that messy. It was rather organized mess, if that's even possible. I absolutely love this youth group. The kids so fun and diverse. I love that we pretty much have every single "group" of kids represented in our group and they all get along. It's fantastic.
Enjoy the mess!

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