Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Friday | creativeLIVE wedding with Jasmine Star

Today is Friday. I normally do a "Follow Friday" feature. I couldn't think of anyone that you should be following. Nor can I really think of anything to write. But it's my blog so I can do what ever I want with it.
I will tell you that I'm watching a wedding live right now. Jasmine Star is doing this wedding photography teaching thing with a REAL wedding that's being broadcast online, right now as I type this. I'm having a little difficulty typing this because I'm listening to Jasmine describe how she sets up detail shots. I'm not a good multitasker. This was such a fantastic idea. Jasmine is adorable. It kinda makes me feel better about shooting my first wedding in a couple of weeks. Oh boy, my first wedding is in a couple weeks!
So if you're at all interested in wedding photography check this out now:

And this has nothing to do with the wedding, but I bought this dress yesterday and I'm ridiculously excited about getting it and being able to wear. I most likely will be my dress for the previously mentioned wedding.

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