Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Campbell's

It's been two weeks since my mom and I drove down to Roanoke, Virginia to visit our friends the Campbell's, and I've finally finished editing the photos. It was such a great trip. I just love how God plans things in my life, even when I hardly acknowledge that He's even there. He really is faithful. It was most certainly not a coincidence that Sarah contacted me to second shoot a wedding with her, and that wedding happened to be 20mins away from our close friends, the Campbell's. I had been wanting to see them all summer. I love Virginia. Every time I go there, it feels like I belong there. One of these days I'd love to live in the city of Roanoke. Last summer around the same time, I had my first photoshoot and it was with Kathryn and Qavah. So this visit and photoshoot marked my one year anniversary of being a photographer! I realized that last time I didn't get any pictures of Paul Burton, so I decided that we needed to do another photoshoot. It was rather impromptu, so nothing was planned, but they're such a cute and loving family that it was easy to get good photos. But silly me, I keep making the same stupid mistake. I shoot night photos and crank up my ISO and then take day photos and forget about the ISO and I get ridiculous grain. Oh well. So here are the photos from the trip.

(Ok so I made my photos large once and I can't seem to do it again. grrr So if you happen to be reading this and you know html, PLEASE help me fix my blog because I can't stand the way it looks)

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