Thursday, March 1, 2012

annie the dancer

dance is just so incredibly beautiful. i've always wished that i could be a dancer, however i have the grace of well something that has no grace.  but my beautiful best friend annie is graceful and can dance. so on monday she came over to my house for about an hour before she had to go to work because i was needing a model for some more film photos for my film class. i've been wanting to take dancer pictures of annie for awhile now. and like the last post about film photos, i have no idea how it's going to turn out. hopefully these turn out better than the egg ones. those were kind of terrible. hopefully sometime we'll be able to take some more photos of annie dancing at some time in the future when we have more time.

i really have no idea why so many photographers hate shooting at noon or right around noon. honestly, i kinda like it. it seems to be the only time of day when people are available to come for a shoot, and i guess i've just figured out how to make it work. and if you're wondering why i'm saying this, that's because these photos were all taken around noon time. and as you can see the sunny glow is just gorgeous. if you're reading this and you're not a photographer, well sorry. this last paragraph most likely made no sense to you and was probably one of the most pointless paragraphs you've read on this blog.

anywho, back to the photos of annie. i think i'm going to start with two outtakes. the second one i just find so funny. it's like she's running after a bus on a windy day. i find it pretty hilarious.

anniedance_024 okay. now on to the good stuff.





Pointe shoes and pink and glowy light. Ah sooo lovely. I just can't get enough of how gorgeous these shoes are. anniedance_005






i just love her joy. nothing is more girly and happy and lovely than a twirling skirt in the warm sunshine. anniedance_011





doing stuff like this in the middle of the street is so much fun. gotta love all of the cars that drive by and the weird looks that we get. anniedance_016








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