Tuesday, January 31, 2012

outfit remix: week 5

I finished!!!! Wooohooo!!!! For anyone that actually knows me well, you know that this is quite the accomplishment. Starting things and having ideas is something that I do. Finishing said ideas and things rarely happens. But I've pretty much decided that this is going to be the year of finishing. I've learned a few things from this outfit challenge.

1.) From now on I must try on sizes that I think will be too small for me because most likely they'll fit. Maybe it goes back to my days of being on the larger side. Yes those times did exist in high school and no I'm not showing you pictures. Whatever it might be, all I know is that about half the clothes in my closet are too large for me.

2.) Stop buying so many basic pieces. I have enough of the basic, minus cardigans thanks to tiny holes in practically every single one. I need more stand-alone and statement pieces that can easily be mixed with the basic. And from now on I think that I really need to be wearing skirts and dresses that are more straight than full, and they should really sit above my knees. I don't really need to look any shorter than I already am.

3.) My creativity can function under restrictions. In the beginning it was hard. I made boring outfits. But towards the end I really knew how to think it through. And I still have about maybe 6 more combinations that I could make with these pieces.

So I think I saved the best outfits for last. And some how I managed to go this whole time without wearing the two skirts in these photos. I guess they weren't as versatile as I thought they would be.

Saturday, January 28th

Sunday, January 29th

Monday, January 30th


Tuesday, January 31st

I like color. Obviously. And the orange shoes may or may not be overkill with this outfit, but I really don't care.

Yay I'm done!!! It's probably going to take me forever to get dressed tomorrow since I can now wear anything that's in my closet. It's a tad overwhelming. So I'm thinking I might continue to take pictures of my outfits, at least the good ones. That is if you still want to see them.

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