Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Ivy

We got a puppy yesterday!!!!!!!! Her name is Ivy Rose. She's a yorkiepoo. And she's the absolute cutest puppy in the whole wide world. It really is quite random that we got a dog and almost a miracle. Our last dog died almost 2 years ago and since then there's been a puppy sized whole in my heart. I'm pretty sure that every day I'd ask for a puppy.

There are days when I feel lonely or kind of sick or whatever, so I go to the pet store for some puppy therapy. Last week I went in and met Ivy. She was in the window and I just stood and stared at her for so long and when I went to pet her all she did was hold my hand and lick it, when all the other puppies would just bite. And I fell in love. I told my parents about her, but I didn't think much of it, because well it had been 2 years of wanting a puppy with no luck. Then Saturday my Mom and I went to the mall, to pet puppies of course, and she saw Ivy and of coarse she fell in love. We went home from the mall and couldn't stop smiling and laughing and telling Dad about her. He started to love the idea of puppy, too. So it was an hour till the mall was to close and my Mom and I got back in the car and drove to the mall to put a hold on her so that no one else would buy her. We were going to have a puppy. That puppy was going to be ours.

Sunday afternoon we went to the pet shop. There was a tag on her cage that said, "I'm going home to great family." And yes she was. Ivy came home with us, and now there's the sound of little paws running around the house. I just love it! I could not imagine having met her and not bringing her home.







Ivy's First Day from laurajane_photography on Vimeo.

You are certainly going to be seeing a lot more photos of Ivy in the future. I'm going to teach her to be my model.

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