Friday, May 13, 2011

random friday.

So apparently I'm only good at blogging random things, since there haven't been any posts since the last "random friday". oh well. First of all, I want to tell all of you about the yard sale that my family is having this weekend. In fact it's going on right now as I type this. Several months ago my Grandma passed away and we were left with ALL of her stuff. So that's what we're selling. She had collections of old toy trucks, dishes, tins, figurines, music boxes, and tons of picture frames, as well as a bunch of furniture. And everyone in my family is selling stuff too. My Dad is selling his old set of speakers, and man they sound good. I put out some of my clothes, craft supplies, and things from my room when I was a teenager. So we will be out here all day tomorrow, well basically all day. We're opening at 8am and will have stuff out till around 2 (but most likely a littler later depending on how busy it gets). We live in Bushkill Township in Nazareth. If you want my exact address, email me. It's kind of weird to post my address online where everyone and anyone all of the world can find it.

And now for some pictures. The other day I went into my parents' room for something or to put something away, I don't really know what, most likely I forgot to do it because I was so distracted by the light coming in to their room. It was warm and white and everything was just so neat and clean. I just HAD to take pictures. It started out with a simple picture of the pillows on the bed, and then I figured, let's try some self portraits. Man is it hard to take self portraits without a remote. Manually focusing on a spot, then running and trying to find that exact spot is really really difficult.






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