Friday, May 6, 2011

random friday

Now by now you all know that I'm not much of a writer, nor one to do things really consistently. But I decided that I was going to do my best to keep up this "random friday" post. Because really, it can be whatever I want it to be. Nothing much has happened this week. I had several days where I didn't feel well, so not too much went on on those days. And sadly I have no new pictures to show you guys. I would but the kids I was supposed to take pictures of this week were sick. Boo for sickness. Today I spent the day working on my pricing, with much help and thanks to Patrice Mitchell. I don't know what I would do without her.

So for your viewing pleasure today, I decided to post my favorite photos that I've taken with my iPhone. I love being able to carry a camera around in my pocket. Sure sometimes I wish I could change the focus, or shutter speed, or aperture or something. But it's just so simple and easy to pull a little camera out of your pocket without having to fiddle with a lot of buttons and things.

I made little luggage tags for all of the girls at The Journey Event (minus Anna because she didn't have a facebook so I didn't even know there was another girl coming). Man I miss them like crazy.

I took this photo through my sweater. I saw that idea somewhere, and I don't remember where. Mine is nearly as good as theirs, but it was the first time I tried it. I'm definitely going to work on it.

And this is what happens if you shake your phone really fast while taking a picture. Or you can move it in a circular motion and you actually get circular blur. It's pretty awesome.


Way up high. It was pretty neat how it looked like a black and white photo from way up there because the snow and all of the dead trees and such.

During worship team practice. I seriously LOVE the light flare that you get with the phone. It's always the same red flare, but still, it's pretty cool.

Because who doesn't love a mustache on a stick?

This is probably one of my favorites. I took it during a movie night at youth group. I was getting kind of bored. It was after all the 3rd or 4th time I had seen the movie.


  1. For being a "random" Friday, I sure love the pictures you posted! You'll have to show me how to get those cool pictures since I have an iPhone. Also what 'little' camera are you talking about? I didn't remember that you had a pocket size one.

  2. the "little" camera is my iphone. that's the main reason that i got the iphone so then i didn't need a point and shoot. and to take the cool pictures i use the app called instagram. it's pretty awesome.


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