Friday, April 22, 2011

random friday

(yes I know that it's not friday. i wrote this yesterday, but flickr wasn't working so i couldn't add my pictures)

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through random photos from 2010, mainly for the reason that I just have no room on my computer. Every time I edit some photos I have to delete a bunch. I noticed that by this time last year I had taken more photos. And not necessarily more photos for people. Just random photos. And a lot of self-portraits (but that was mostly due to having a remote for my camera). I realized that I just don't take that many photos anymore, and that really bothered me. I have a hard time getting motivated to take pictures if there aren't people in them. And I just don't want that be the case. I want to see beauty in everything, not just people. So I'm trying to make more of an effort to just stop and really look at things, and of course take pictures of them.

Last Friday a couple of friends and I headed down to Philly to the World Cafe Live to see John Mark McMillan in concert. It was such a wonderful evening. And the first concert that I got to take my Mark II with me. The food was so great, which is exciting for me since it's not easy for me to find gluten friendly food. Of course the concert was just as great. The venue was so small so it was like a bunch of friends getting together for a concert, and I was able to walk up close enough to actually touch the musicians (not like I would, but I could).

So enjoy my random photos, and on this Good Friday remember that Jesus put "Death in His Grave".







It's finally starting to look a little like spring here. I can't wait till these buds turn into flowers.




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