Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I think that Easter may just be my favorite holiday. There's no pressure of gift giving, not too many ridiculous commercials on tv about it. You just get to get together with family at eat yummy food. And of course celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus and the forgiveness of sins and everything else equally wonderful about the kingdom of heaven. Of course my Easter started out at church. I play keyboard in the band, so practically every Sunday you'll find me up on stage. There were so many people in church. I feel like there haven't been that many people there for church in, well, ever.

Later in the afternoon we headed over to my aunt's house for dinner. I love family dinners. It's always so delicious. And I love how my whole family is now cooking gluten free things, even though I'm the only one who has a gluten allergy. I guess they just know how much I love food and how disappointing it is to see something look so yummy and be told you can't eat it. Seriously, that's just torture.So all of the food you see here is gluten free (except for the big bowl of bread, but I could care less about the bread). Like I've said before, I'm trying to remember to slow down and take pictures of the things that I see. Or rather, really look at the things that are around me. Study them. See where the light is. Get the right angle. So nobody got to eat until I finished taking my pictures. It's a good thing I come from an artsy family, so they understand.







Woody wanted to join us at the table. Seriously, this cat acts just like a little old man.




After dinner I convinced my brother to let me do some experimental pictures of him using my aunt's iPad as the only source of light. We went into the dark hallway and turned the light up as bright as it would go on the iPad, and these are the results. I'd love to play around with this a little bit more. Possibly use two iPad's and have someone else hold them up so that the light can be more evenly distributed.




So what did you eat on Easter? If you blogged about it feel free to share the link in a comment.

P.S. If anyone out there that's reading this would like any of the gluten free food recipes, please let me know. I will gladly share them with you.

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