Thursday, April 28, 2011

random friday (a day early)

So I think that this whole random Friday thing might be a regular. We shall see about that. And why am I writing this on Thursday evening? Well because tomorrow and Saturday I will participating in the 30 hour famine with my youth group and four others. Fasting for 30 hours is not exactly healthy for me, so I'll be fasting food for about half that time and then all internet and TV for the weekend, and trust me, that's just as hard as fasting food. Especially now that I have an iPhone and can go on facebook or twitter or instagrams, or whatever all day wherever I am. It's bad. Please feel free to donate if you would like. $30 can feed a child for a month.

So it's finally officially spring here! The trees are flowering, the grass is actually green, and it hasn't gone below 40 degrees. I love it. Spring should happen all the time.







And now for the really random part of this post. My brother and his friends made a music video for German class this month. It's really funny. So weird and random, but funny. He posted it on youtube and wants to get a lot of views on it, so I'm posting it here for you to watch. Enjoy.

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