Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zach: Senior

Meet Zach. He's graduating this year. This was my last session of 2010. Wow, I'm such a slow blogger. Zach is an actor and singer, so he wanted to do his pictures on the stage at the high school. I was so excited when he said that's what he wanted to do. And lucky for us, one of my close friends does a lot of the lighting for the high school plays, so she came over and lit the stage for me. We had to wait for the orchestra to be done with practice before we could do pictures on the stage, so we wandered around the school. Nazareth High School isn't the best looking school in the world (even though it looks better now than when I graduated), but I was up for the challenge of making it look different. The best spot that we found was the theater prop room behind the old stage. It has any and every prop that was used in past shows, back to who knows when. It's cluttered and messy and has a really creep spiral staircase that leads down to who knows where. It's probably like an extra bomb shelter or something. Yes, there really is a bomb shelter in the school. I'm pretty sure that it houses all of the old year books back to like 1920 or something like that. Oh and I was SOOO glad to be able to use the 5D Mark II for this shoot because the ISO capabilities are like WHOA. It was so dark in some of these places, but you can hardly tell.

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