Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Family

Why is it that the family of a photographer have the least pictures? Maybe because it's so ridiculously hard to compose yourself into a picture and then run to beat the timer, all to do it over again when that one picture didn't come out because someone looked funny, usually Dad. haha Or me when I almost fell off the stool. Or Mom when she closed her eyes. Or James when he wouldn't stop saying he was cold. It's so much easier being behind the camera and staying there. Despite all of that, I still think that I managed to get good pictures of my family. Good enough that I decided to print one in 16x20. I've been really wanting a large print, but I just felt too weird ordering something that large of someone that's not my family to hang in my bedroom/office. I mean I like the people that I take pictures of, but not enough to have 16x20 framed prints of them in my bedroom. Now I have an example to help convince clients that large prints are the way too go. No more 4x6s and 8x10s, at least not to be hung by themselves.

This is the one that I printed large. And it's on our "Christmas" cards. The quotes are around Christmas, because those cards are still sitting on the desk. The envelopes have addresses on them. But the cards aren't in them, and they're not in the mail.

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