Monday, January 3, 2011

Addison Mae

Oh Addie Mae. She's precious. And a true miracle. She's the little sister (and only little sister) of one of my closest friends Devin, and the daughter of Lynn & Christian. Addie was adopted from California almost 3 months ago. And her story is just so wonderful. It has God's hand all over it. To tell the story, I'd be here forever. Lynn and Christian had be wanting to adopt a little girl for awhile, and they were expecting the process to be kind of long because that's usually how it goes. I took their pictures back in July for the letter that they'd send off to birth mothers. In November, they got a call saying that a baby was to be born in a few days and was ready to be adopted! So off they went to California to meet their new baby girl. And within less than 2 weeks, she was home in Pennsylvania.

Oh and this was the first session that I shot with my new camera! Yep, a new camera. It's a Canon 5D Mark II. And I'm in love.

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