Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WPPI Roadtrip 2010

Yesterday I spend the day in Maryland at the WPPI Roadtrip. You know, I was really excited to go. I hate to say it, but I got less and less excited while I was sitting there. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been there. I did learn things, and I love that got the chance to talk toKatelyn (even if just for like a half an hour). That little conversation was just enough to encourage me with my business. This business is hard. I found myself getting more and more discouraged through out the day with the presentations because even though they weren't directly promoting certain products, that's all I seemed to here. Especially when they would say "it's only like $200". I'm lucky if I have the much money in my bank account. It pretty much seemed like I couldn't be successful or I wasn't doing business right because I didn't have those things, and probably won't for awhile. But much thanks to Jasmine Star for changing my mood and my thinking. She is seriously awesome, and honestly I don't think she knows how awesome she is. I don't know of any other photographer that would stand in the middle of a hallway with a line full of people waiting to talk her, most likely asking the same questions over and over again. She's such a great influence.
So now it's time to look over my notes again and really see what I've learned after I've had some time for it all soak in. And tomorrow, I may possibly be slightly motivated enough to make my room more office friendly (haha yes motivation for fixing my room is pretty rare. ok it rarely ever happens).

P.S. I'm going to try from now on to be more personal. I feel like my writing just isn't. Because well like Jasmine says:
Jasmine, I'm so glad that you're a "book nerd" and speak in linear terms that are easy to take notes of. That made me really happy.

Sorry to the guy who spoke first. You lost me when you said Lightroom. I started drawing squiggles and honestly have no clue what your name was or really anything that you talked about.
I knew that the sunset was going to AWESOME from the 11th floor and I was so right. I love it when God makes me happy by showing me how beautiful He is.

Katelyn, you are so awesome. Thank you so much for encouraging me and letting me hang around with you.


  1. I know this might sound funny, but I LOVE your notebook. The way you take notes is very artsy :-)

  2. haha. i like my notebook too. it's like the only way i'll take notes now. i can't even think about writing on paper with lines. pretty much everybody else there had little notebooks, laptops, or ipads and there i was with a big sketch book. But I noticed that the people that were sitting near me started copying my doodles. haha


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