Friday, September 17, 2010

Follow Friday | Emily Henderson

Name: Emily Henderson
Blog: The Brass Petal

This lovely lady is a fantastic interior designer/prop stylist. You may have seen her on this seasons Design Star on HGTV. Which by the way she was the winner, and rightfully so. If I were to pick anyone that's on tv or well really anywhere that I identify with, it'd be her. She's quirky and honest, stylish and ladylike, vintage and modern, joyful and fun, a breath of fresh air. Not only is she the winner of Design Star, she was a prop stylish for Martha Stewart magazine, which I find almost more impressive. I saw pictures of Martha Stewart's prop room, and well it looks like heaven. I wish I could live in there. I've already emailed her to volunteer my room for her show. She emailed me back within a couple of days. Sadly, I don't live in LA or even remotely close, so as of right now I can't be on the show, but you know I want to convince them otherwise. She's probably the only designer on TV that I could put in my room and just say "Go", and completely trust their design sense. I know without a doubt that I would love anything that she did in my room. Here are some photos of the rooms she's designed for your enjoyment. (sorry I don't know who took these pictures. I wish I did because then they could be the feature of next week's follow friday).

*sigh* If my work space looked like this I'd probably be so ridiculously productive. I'd probably never want to leave.
Patterns, patterns, patterns. They are the key to my heart. haha

Ah... yellow and grey, and bunches of patterns. My favorite!

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