Sunday, September 12, 2010


Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!!
Yes, it's my birthday, my 21st birthday. I'm sitting here in a hotel in Maryland right now because tomorrow is theWPPI Roadtrip. I am so stinking excited about this. It's my first photography conference. Actually it's really my first time ever being around this many photographers. I'm so excited (and nervous) to meet people and hopefully meet some people that live kinda close to me. I need some photographer friends. Well, I don't really know what else to write, and honestly I have no clue if they're charging me for the internet. If they are I certainly don't want to be on much longer. haha I will post about the conference maybe Wednesday.

The drive down consisted of a lot of farms. But then we got to Maryland and well there are no farms here.
The view from the 11th floor. Yeah we're up pretty high. I don't think this picture does the height justice.
Because everybody needs a hotel mirror picture on their birthday.

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