Tuesday, September 21, 2010


No there are no pictures of ketchup, actually nothing in this post has to do with ketchup. I just like to think that I'm funny and use ketchup instead of catch up. haha I know so clever right? It has been 6 straight days so far without internet in my house. Yes that's a crazy long time for someone trying to run a business. I feel like I'm going insane. In the mean time I've had a fair amount of sessions. So I guess the whole not having internet thing kept me on task with my editing. Facebook is rather distracting, but I feel so disconnected. So for now I just have to use the internet at church whenever I can. I've basically been here all day working on stuff. Well I thought I'd give you guys a little sneak peek at what I've been doing. Most of the pictures on still not edited. But I told myself that they all need to be done before I leave on Friday for Vermont to shoot my first wedding. AHH! That's this week! Ready or not here it comes.
I was helping a friend out with a photoshoot that she needed to do for one of her classes at school. She's a graphic design major and for one of her projects she decided to recreate an Anthropology catalogue. She asked me to model and to give her photo tips. After we were done with that I asked if she could do a few photos of my in everyday clothes (we did the photoshoot in vintage dresses) because I really just don't have any good pictures of myself.
This is Erin. She has such a beautiful face I can hardly stand it. She was one of the other models in this catalogue photoshoot. More pictures of her will come once I edit them.
Steph is one of the worship leaders a my church. She's so fantastic. And she's a beautiful pregnant woman. I asked her if they'd like maternity photos done and they said they would. It was a new kind of session for me. And they picked the most gorgeous location.

Isn't she such a cutie?! These next photos are from Jessie's 30th birthday party. Jessie goes to my church and asked if I could document her party. It was such a fun party. It was full of church people that I'm close with and it was great to interact with them in a setting other than church.
Nora was enjoying that cake so much. She just kept looking at it and wanting to put her finger in it. And she did. Several times. haha
I love playing with flash and slow shutter speed. Thank you Sarah for teaching me how to do this.
They're so cute. She was so happy that day. And her dress was GORGEOUS!

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