Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pre-Wedding Jitters

I'm in Vermont, getting ready to shoot a wedding, my first wedding. I'm avoiding the nerves by writing a new blog. Everything is planned out and written down, twice. It's really bright, sunny, and windy, which is kinda not so great for pictures. It makes me nervous. But the wedding is going to be GORGEOUS! I got a preview of the barn last night, and well I did a little happy dance when I got out the of the car. Yesterday's drive was long, through a lot of nothing. I'm pretty sure that most of the drive is what people mean when they say "the middle of nowhere". Luckily, Burlington is not the middle of nowhere. It's a lovely city. There's so much character in the buildings and the people. I already can't wait to show you this wedding and I haven't even seen it yet. But for now, enjoy some pictures of yesterday's drive.

We pulled into the rest stop and this guy was just sitting there. I thought he looked cute. That is if a business man can look cute. haha

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  1. LOVE YOU, GIRL! Can't wait to see more pictures. I love pictures that make me think. So here are my thoughts. "I wonder what the inside if that beautiful barn looks like? I wonder if people were noticing that beautiful sunset as they were driving along! I wonder what that guy at the picnic table was studying and why was he all dressed up sitting at a picnic table." I like when a picture tells me part of a story and my imagination plays around with the rest of the story. Considering what I just wrote I have to wonder why I am the worst picture taker in all the world! I'm glad I can count on you, Laura. Hug your mom for me and enjoy the wedding cake! Love Dawn


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