Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photography Goals

I’ve been thinking lately that I should write out my goals for photography and make them public in order to keep me accountable to them. I’m not putting a timeline on these because well, I don’t know God’s timing and who am I to go against that. These are no in any particular order either, other than the order that I thought of them.

1. Have at least one paid session every month. (yes even the cold winter months) But of course I’d love more, especially in spring and summer.
2. Start wedding photography. (It’s kind of a scary thing. I need to second shoot first)
3. Have at least 2 or 3 photographers friends that I can talk to about any kind of photography things like how amazing the light is at 6:30pm or what f-stop to shoot at without them looking at me like I have to heads. And of course we’d go on photo adventures together. Pretty much any place is more fun with a camera in hand.
4. Attend a Jasmine Star workshop. In order for this to happen, I think #1 and #2 will have to occur first because well with out them I wouldn’t have nearly enough money.
5. Get some photos published in a magazine. It doesn’t have to be about my photography, but just my photo being there and me knowing that it’s mine is enough.
6. For some reason I think it’d be really cool to take pictures for catalogues like Lands End or J. Crew. I don’t know why, but it’s just kind of one of those things that I want to try.
7. Have a full website and a real photography blog. You know one that actually requires a designer and paying for it. Don’t get me wrong, free is great, but it’s kind of limiting.
8. Meet some of the photographers that I follow either on their blog or their flickr.
9. I know it’s kinda silly and vain, but I’d love to be able to walk into a J. Crew store some day and just buy something in there because I liked it and not have to dig through the sale rack to find out that I can only afford a headband.

And because a post is incomplete with out a photo, here's a larger image of my profile picture for your enjoyment.

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  1. Love the new blog! The new layout is awesome....good for you actually writing down your goals - that should be a goal of mine!


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