Monday, May 10, 2010

LOVE project

Today I brought my studio set up to church to take pictures for a project that I'm working on with the Lehigh Valley Christian Artist group. We're working on a project which may sound cliche the way that I can describe it, but really it's not. We're finding people that we think really demonstrate an aspect of love in their life, whatever love may be to them. Whether that's Christian love, romantic love, service love, friendship love, really whatever. I'm going to be taking portraits of these people, that is if they live in the area. Then there are people interviewing these people while they are recorded. Then some other people in the group are going to write music based off of the emotions of the interview. And there will be other aspects of this project too that I can't remember. We're going to create a website to display all of this work as well as a gallery show in Nazareth and possibly at a church coffee house. Today I just took pictures of Gina. She had an awesome story. I'm not very good with words and stories, so I don't think I can do her story justice. Once the whole project is done then you can hear the story. Until then I'll just tease you with these pictures. I still have to take pictures of more people. It was supposed to happen today but the other people weren't available.
The first picture is Gina. The second one is Graham. He sat in while I got my lights right. He's one of the one's doing the recording as well as writing some music.

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