Thursday, May 13, 2010


I came across this video today (yes, you must watch it. really, you must). I LOVE watching people paint. I don't know what I love more, creating art or just the texture and feel of painting. Actually, it's probably the second one. haha. I love the gloppyness of paint and the way it feels to squirt it out of the tube and mix it into different colors and then the different ways it feels putting it on the canvas depending on how much water or paint is on my brush. I'm a rather tactile person. So yes, I think I like the experience of painting more than I actually like creating paintings. I know I'm weird and I'm okay with that. Anywho, that video and several songs that I heard in the car on my random trips today inspired me get out my paints. A picture and a concept actually came to mind (which is rather rare for me). I still don't think that it's done yet. I want to add some text to it, I think. Not painted text, because that ruined my last painting. The thought behind the painting was about how God comes and meets us where we are even though we're sinful and broken and how we can still meet God when we are sinful and broken.
So I'd like some feedback. Words or no words? And if I should add some words, what should they be? I'm thinking either a Bible verse or song quote or a quote from a book. I just don't read nearly enough to come across just the perfect words.

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