Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Basement Treasures

Today my Mom and I cleaned out parts of the basement, due to a water leak from our fridge. There were lots of soggy papers. Lots of useless papers and receipts. Cleaning up that little bit caused us to start cleaning more. And oh my what stuff we found. You know that show Hoarders? Yea well we call ourselves "closet hoarders" or "organized hoarders". Being able to pack things really well and being a pack rat is not a good combination. Things just started coming out of boxes. Probably if I wasn't there half of it wouldn't have been thrown away. There were certainly some interesting things in that box. Here's some of the things that we found.

We found this in a tube with another drawing. We were trying to figure out who's it was. My mom said it wasn't hers, we knew for a fact it wasn't Dad's. So I looked for a name on it. I found one and it was "Katherine Grube". My mom and both looked at each other and said, "Who on earth is Katherine Grube? And why do we have her art assignment?!" Yea neither of us had a clue who she was. We asked my Dad later and he said that he was pretty sure that she was a friend of his sister. But we still don't know why we have what looks like her art homework.

This is a close up of my Mom's FFA jacket. In case you didn't know FFA stands for "Future Farmers of America". Yes, my Mom knows the latin name of practically every tree and flower that you may pass on the road. I think I'm going to clean up the jacket and see if I can make it into an outfit.

Here's so of the other stuff we found, including the art paper and the FFA jacket. There's a jar of googly eyes, one of my old watercolor paintings from 2000 (so that was 5th grade, my second year of watercolor painting), and original logo apple stickers. I still remember getting our first computer (which was a mac by the way) when I was like 6.

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