Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I guess it's as good a time as any to write a blog post. Not too much is going on, but I'm sure you gathered that from me saying it's a lazy Sunday afternoon. Church was weird today, but not in a bad way. It just felt kinda empty because both pastors were out of town and half of the worship team was gone. We did an acoustic set, which is nice, but it's strange when you're one of the three people leading it. I led a song today and it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. I mean sure everyone told me that I sounded great and I didn't look nervous at all, but oh boy, if my insides were projected outside, they would be able to tell. As scary as it is to lead, I really like it, and want to do it again. Multiple people told me that I should too which was kind of encouraging, but also weird because I don't really like that much attention. But anyway, the purpose of this post was not for me to ramble on about how nervous I get when I sing.

On to the real reason for this post. Friday was the prom and my younger brother went with his girlfriend. I still can't get used to saying that she's his girlfriend. I guess you always figure that the older sibling will date before the younger one. Oh well. They wanted me to take pictures for them. Yes, he actually wanted me to take pictures of him. Shocker. They looked so cute. But it was just strange seeing my brother all dressed up, looking like a young man. I just still see him as being a little boy. It kind of gave me a little taste of what I think wedding photography is like. It was kinda chaotic. All these parents with cameras and saying "Oh that tree is nice." or "What about over there? And you can stand like this." It makes it kinda difficult to get the shots in that you want. Especially after having all those cameras around they start to get bored and uncomfortable and give you really weird faces. But I still got some images that I'm really proud of. They're a cute couple and can really see that they're best friends. I'm just going to post my favorites on here. There are more on flickr. And if you're friends with me on facebook, you can see them all.

So I'll end this post with a question: What was your prom like? Maybe share some links of your prom pictures, or prom pictures that you took of other people. I can't tell you what mine was like, because well I didn't go. So I'd love to hear your stories.

P.S. If anyone knows how to make my pictures larger (like the ones in the first few photo posts) please let me know. I do exactly the same thing every time and my pictures are always different sizes, and those sizes are never the size that I want.


  1. I went to prom twice. First time with my boyfriend of three years, which was terrible and we fought the whole time. Second time, after I graduated with a .. younger man, haha
    It's really funny to have those two perspectives. Looking back, it was more fun to be older and not know anyone. You get to pretend to be mysterious.

    As for the resizing issue, on wordpress you can go into an html view for your post before publishing it and change the pixel size manually. Maybe blogspot has this too?

  2. thanks for the comment. just checked out your stuff and it's AWESOME! and the resizing thing, there is a pixel size thing, i think, but well i don't know what to do with it. i tried a few times and the pictures just looked all smushy. maybe i'll have to have someone who actually understands html look at it and tell me what to do.


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