Sunday, September 14, 2008

Praise Him Anyhow

All during church today, I kept having the phrase "praise Him anyhow" running through my mind. Lately, I've been really struggling with not feeling "Christian enough". I guess that's the downside to going to a Christian college (you know the one that's accepted Jesus as it's personal savior. haha sorry just had to throw that in there). You play the compare game a lot. I know that's not how it's supposed to be, but I get stuck in it anyway. I haven't been feeling God like I used to, and honestly, I was tired of hearing "Christian" stuff all the time. Then another word came to my mind and that was "remember". God was telling me to remember what He's done for me in the past and the miracles and words that I've been able to experience.  He hasn't left me, this is just a time in my life that I need to go through. I need to persevere through it. 

So, I have made a conscious decision that I will praise God despite what I may feel. I have a fairly good life, a place to live, a great family, enough food, etc. There are people who don't have half the things that I have and they still praise God. 
So, thank you God for wonderful friends, a great family, beautiful flowers, bright blue skies, tasty food, music. Thank your for helping me to remember who you are and what you've done. Thank you for the privilege to be able to go to such a great school. Thank you for still loving me even though I haven't been the greatest daughter. 

I'm going to Praise You Anyhow.

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