Monday, September 15, 2008


"The defining attribute, the identity of God, is 'present rescuer.' His name holds for us the very promise of presence. It is who He is. He is here. He is in the middle of the stuff we are in the middle of. No wonder trees break into song here. No wonder encores are called for it. It is Yahweh. Our Deliverer, our Salvation, our Promise is here; He is here and we must sing and shout and bow down and clap and roar and applaud and dance; dance, everyone, dance and fall to your knees.  This is a name that sticks. This is a name that defines. This is a name that in its very utterance births life. Our God is present. He come to set things right. In His very name is rescue. This is who He is. There is not a moment in human history that has eluded His gaze. There is not a second in your life that He was not around. He is unavoidable. He is inescapable. He is inevitable and undeniable." 
~Praise Habits by David Crowder

I don't really have any of my own words to go along with this right now. I just really liked it and felt the need to share it with anyone who reads this. Maybe I'll let it sink in and thoughts with words attached will come to me later.

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