Friday, September 12, 2008


So today is my 19th birthday. I must say, it's a rather strange age. It almost feels like I'm back at the awkward age of eleven again. The number tells me that I'm still a teenager, yet according to the government, I became an adult last year. I feel far from being an adult, yet far from being a teenager. I'm just confused. I guess the number doesn't really matter, I should just be who I am. Yea, that sounds like a good solution.

So this morning my lovely friends decorated my door with streamers and balloons, gave me a Rice Krispy treat with candles on it, a fuzzy cupcake card, and a Pinta (with no candy in it because they didn't want me to have to break it) that they lovingly named Henry, why I have no clue. It is currently on top of my dresser like he's watching over the whole room, kinda creepy, but cute at the same time. Tonight, I get to go to Mara's, a little restaurant in Nazareth which I think is the best restaurant around. After being at school for, I guess 4 weeks now, I really appreciate going home and getting good food. I'll have to say that's the one thing that I miss the most. This should be a great birthday day and weekend. I'm excited.

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