Monday, August 4, 2008

Will I Ever Meet You?

Do you ever wonder how two people's lives can constantly cross paths, yet they never seem to meet? It's not like you plan for it to happen that way, you just always seem to end up in the same places. You find yourself wondering if that other person notices you as much as you notice them. Do they even know that you went to the same schools, or concerts, or church? After five years of this you start to wonder if you'll ever meet this person. Are you supposed to meet this person and the timing just isn't right? We obviously have very much in common for this to happen. So then, why don't I have the courage to just say "Hi" the next time our paths cross? I guess I'm just worried that I'll be disappointed in finding out they weren't really who I had pictured them to be, and all the fascination and mystery will disappear. Or maybe they're not as observant as I am and they'll think I'm a stalker or something. Or the total opposite could happen, and the fascination wouldn't disappear, and we'd be just right to compliment each other. All I know is that I'm tired of constantly wondering what they're like. I want to know. So maybe someone who reads this can tell me what I should do. Or maybe, just maybe, this person will stumble upon this blog and figure it out for themselves (that is if they're just as observant as I am). 

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