Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chinese Churches

From a previous post on Facebook March 10, 2008

In China, it's illegal to be a Christian, they can't even own a Bible. If they're caught going to a church or with a Bible they could be sent to prison for years, even life. But the people are still willing to risk there lives to be with Jesus. They'll walk miles when it's cold, windy, and dark to go to an underground church. 

Last night I had the opportunity to "go to China". No, I didn't really go to China. Two missionaries to China came to my church last night and we acted out what it's like to go to an underground church in China. We had to walk around the area where the church is and sneak in through the basement door. There were "police" (men from the church) patrolling the streets asking us where we were going and we weren't allowed to say church. Most of us had to walk around the building several times to make sure that no one saw us going in. The basement was all dark except for a few candles. Once everyone was there our pastor began to speak. Then all of a sudden there was a loud bang and loud foot steps coming down the stairs. We were told to run and hide. I ran into a section of the kitchen that has a door and closed the door. Several of us were sitting there being as quiet as we could be. We heard the "police" yelling for everyone to get down and asked what we were doing. I couldn't see what was going on because I was closed behind the door, but I heard some getting slapped with the Bible. When we were told it was okay to come out, all of the male leaders were missing. We were told that they were handcuffed and sent to jail.

While I was sitting there in that dark kitchen listening to the yelling, I just began to cry. I realized that this is what people in China really go through just because they want to love Jesus. This overwhelming feeling came over me that that very thing that was happening to us, was really happening over in China at that very moment. So I just began to cry and pray for protection for those people. After experiencing that I felt so horrible for all of those times that argued and fought about having to go to church. I thought it was stupid and I didn't really care about God. Yet, these people go through the worst situations and can even loose their life for following Jesus. I can't even explain the hurt and guilt that I felt for shrugging God off like that. In America we don't have to fear our lives if we follow Jesus. Sure, people may make fun of us, but that's nothing compared to being beaten to death.

The missionaries showed us a video of the Chinese Christians receiving their very own Bible, and to give you a picture of what it looked like, picture a store on Black Friday with people jumping on top of things to buy them. This is what these people were doing to get a Bible. They began crying and singing and hugging and kissing the Bible. I know that I have about 3 or 4 of my own Bibles and there are many more in my house. In China, there's about 1 Bible for every 300 people. They will read them and memorize them and then hide them so no one will take them. I have to admit that rarely read my Bible. I'll open it on Sunday at church, Tuesday at Bible study, and at least one other time during the week. I was really convicted to read my Bible, which is what I'm going to do once I finish writing this.

I know this is getting long, sorry about that. I just felt like I really needed to share this with everyone. These words can barely describe the hurt in my heart for these people. I just want to save the whole world, but I know I can't. That's almost what hurts more. After last night, I really feel like I have been called to do some form of missions work. I hope that you found this note to be a challenge to your faith. I really encourage you to live for Jesus no matter what.

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