Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hello Again

So this whole new thing every day, yea I kinda forgot about that, along with this blog, hence why the last post was from February. Maybe, just maybe, I'll try to keep this post updated, for those of you who actually read it. Even though I haven't been consciously trying to do a new thing every day, many new things have occurred in my life. First off, I GOT MY LICENSE, finally! Today was the first time that I drove with out my mom or dad, and I must say it was rather fun. Secondly, I'm going away to college, no more Northampton Community College for me. After one year there, I was so ready to leave. The only class I actually enjoyed was my painting class. Which reminds me, I was going to make paintings this summer, but I guess I forgot about that too. I even have two that are started. So, in three short weeks I'll be heading off to Philadelphia Biblical University. I still haven't gotten all of my stuff for my dorm yet. It's overwhelming how much stuff you need. It's so hard not knowing what the stuff your roommate is getting looks like. I just can't stand it when things don't go together well. 

In July, I went to a music camp called Camp Electric, down in Nashville TN. It was a pretty amazing week. I saw concerts every night by some of the coolest musicians out there. The list consisted of Skillet, Leeland, Britt Nicole, Pillar, Jeremy Camp (he was the mystery artist. he's just so amazing), Phil Joel, and tobyMac. The teachers for my guitar class were two guys from Sonicflood, one was Preston Dalton, and the other one's name, I can't seem to recall. Preston taught us a song that he wrote himself. It's called "In Your Arms", you can find it here at . He also taught us a Sonicflood song that has yet to be released. I really wish I could remember the title of it. 

The best part about the trip though was nothing that I was taught in the classroom. It was the answer that I got to a constant prayer. With going away to college, I was really worried about not being able to make friends. On this trip to Nashville, I was with a group of 10 girls and we become instant friends. It was God's way of reassuring me that He'll put the right girls into my life and that I won't be alone. 

I want to add some of the things that I've written elsewhere (Facebook, Myspace) because I think that some of you would enjoy reading them. So I'll be posting those soon. So come back and read what I've written, that is if you haven't already. 
Happy Reading. 

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