Friday, February 15, 2008

Can't Think of a Title

Lately, I've been really slacking off in trying to find something new to do everyday. For some reason I keep forgetting and I can't really come up with that many ideas anymore, so please, leave me some ideas. I'll take any ideas that you have, no matter how simple they may seem.

One thing that I did do this week was that I turned my stereo up as loud as it would go for a whole song. I was actually rather disappointed. I was expecting it to be really loud and I wouldn't be able to stand right next to it. It wasn't loud at all and the quality of the song at that level was pretty bad. So I probably won't be playing my music that loud again, just for the fact that it sounds terrible. I guess the speakers are just too small to handle that much sound.

The new thing that I did yesterday was that I road to church with my friend who has his permit. He got his permit in December. He loves cars and he loves speed. I always said that I wouldn't ride in the car with him because he'd drive too fast. To my surprise, he was a really good driver. He didn't scare me one little bit. He didn't drive fast either. Who knows how he'll drive when his dad isn't in the passenger seat to tell him to slow down, but I think that he'll still be a good driver.

Well I don't know if this is a new thing or not, I can't remember if I've done it before. Tonight my parents wanted to go out to dinner together and James wanted to have a friend over. I figured, I'm a legal adult now and a rather responsible one, so I told them that they could go out to dinner and James could have his friend over. After all, all they do is play video games or they're on the computer playing games. As silly as it may sound, I feel more like an adult today.


  1. I was going to send my mom that letter and the song for Christmas but then Mike gave me the idea of giving it to her for Mother's Day so that's what Im going to do.

  2. I think you should wear two totally non matching socks one day. Like one that is blue and knee-hi length and one that is yellow and ankle length.

    I also think that you get a job just so you have some experience of what it is like to work so you aren't in such a rude awakening when you go look for a job in your field.

  3. have a picnic in the snow(gotta hurry though)
    write someone a letter, not an email
    learn piglatin
    meet someone more than once
    go into a store you've never been before
    write a paper the day assinged rather than the day before the day it's due
    go into an empty field and yell
    make better titles for your posts
    go food shopping
    sleep with your head where your feet normally are and your feet where your head normally is


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