Saturday, February 9, 2008

So Sorry

Ok, wow I haven't written in a long time, sorry about that. I actually haven't been going on the computer everyday. I guess you could say that's one of my new things, breaking my addiction to the computer. haha Let's see so what new things do I remember doing, not much. Honestly, I've been busy with homework, mainly from painting class. I've been so sidetracked that I've almost completely forgotten about doing something new everyday. I'd really like to start it up again. I guess in order to do that I'd have to locate my list of ideas. One thing that I do remember doing was I wrote a letter to Miley Cyrus, you know Hannah Montana (okay maybe some of you won't know). I guess you could say I felt God telling me to write her a letter encouraging her to stay strong in her faith even though she's in the media. So I told her about some devotional books that I've read that have helped me and gave her some meaningful Bible verses. However, I have yet to take the letter out of my notebook and put it into the mail. Another new thing that I did was I saw my neighbors little baby. She's only about a week or two old and she's SOOO tiny. I wasn't able to hold her because her big brother (who's 2 and absolutely loves me), wanted all of my attention, which I didn't mind one bit because I love this kid. I'm sure there were other little things that I've done since the last time I wrote, but I just don't seem to write them down so I never remember what they are. Okay well now I really have to try harder to do new things. And maybe I'll remember to write more often.

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