Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's been about a week since I last posted and go figure, I don't remember every new thing I've done, or if I've even done something new everyday. So I'll tell you about the things that I do remember. Let's see I'm not sure what I did on Saturday or Sunday. I'm sure that I did something little, that's probably why I don't remember it.

Monday, my mom and I went out to lunch at Wegman's. I decided to get vegetable sushi (yea no raw fish for me). Wow is that stuff addicting. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was rice, seaweed (you couldn't even taste that), carrots, cucumber (I think), and avocado (which I really enjoy). I also tried some wassabi (yea don't know how to spell that one)paste. Wow that was disgusting. It burned my whole mouth and was bitter and just plain nasty. According to my mom, my face was pretty funny when my tongue finally got a taste of it. I will never be eating that stuff again.

Tuesday, I went out to lunch with the woman that I'm leading a Jr. High small group with. She's pretty much my mentor. I love spending time with her. She's so easy to talk to. I kind of got her started on the whole trying to do a new thing everyday. She's not doing it everyday, but she's trying to make a conscious effort to try something new whenever she can. So on Tuesday I helped her set up a Myspace so that she could keep in touch with the girls in our small group. It was fun teaching her how to use it. I think she's actually getting the hang of it, which is good.

Last night I went back to that new youth group that I've been going to and I played my guitar on the worship team. They were so welcoming and inviting. It was so nice knowing that I was wanted to play guitar. We only played two songs, but it was still fun. I didn't know either one, but now I know two new songs. I will definitely be going back to play on the worship team. They said that "Oh, we're keeping her." haha That felt so good to hear that coming from someone who I had just recently met.

Today, I drove part of the way home from school, in the other car, the one that I couldn't drive before and ended up in a pile of trees with. I just decided that I need to learn how to drive in other cars besides the new one. I did a pretty good job. It was different, like my leg went all numb because the stupid seat is too deep and comes out past my knees, and I couldn't drive it with my big toe like I can in the other car. The new car is MUCH easier to drive, but I now know that I can drive the other car if I have to. Oh and right now as I type this I'm listening to new music that randomly showed up in my mailbox the other day. Some it's pretty good. Some of the other stuff is just a little weird, such as a song titled "My Tubesocks". That one won't be making it's way on to my ipod.

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