Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Warm Weather

My new thing for yesterday was to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water. I figured that it would be the perfect day to do that since I had a little cold. I didn't mind drinking all of the water. It actually wasn't difficult at all. Constantly having to go to the bathroom was rather annoying though. However, after taking this mineral stuff that we have and drinking all that water, really flushed the cold right out of me. I'm completely fine today, not even a trace of the horrible sore throat I had yesterday. So if you're sick, I highly recommend drinking that 8 glasses of water. However, it's not the most practical thing for everyday.

Today was an exceptionally warm day for January, or even for the winter for that matter. It was probably at least 60 degrees today, and no I'm not exaggerating. It was such a nice day. We had most of the windows open all day, which made the house smell great. I wish it could be this warm all the time. Snow and cold weather are just unnecessary. So my new thing for today was to draw on the driveway with chalk. Okay I've done that plenty of times before, but not in the middle of January. It was kinda fun. I really had no idea what to draw, so like usual I just drew some random swirls and lines. I think it looks kind of interesting. I think I'll post of picture of it for you to see.

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  1. I once did a psych paper related to drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water. Emergen-C is also really good to mix into water and drink all the time, but especially if you're sick.

    I love your chalk drawings. Some day I hope we have blacktop, so I can draw like that. :-)


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