Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Can't Think of a Title Better Than This

So I was having a little trouble coming lup with something new to do for today so I'm bloggin with my eyes closed so please disregard the spelling miskakes becaus ei'm not going to correct them.
So yesterday I didn't do an terribly exciting ew thing. I decided that I would pick my dad up from work because our other car was in the shop. So I drove a total of about an hour and half ysterday whcih is a new tfor me. There's this one road taht his this scary interscetion and i wasnted to avoid it but it just wasn't possible so I ha to go over trhough it. I made it through a loive and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I alwa chose not to go on teh computer at all yestfrday, which is a big oen for me. I"m pretty much addicted to the computer. Instrad I spent hours playign the cello which I absoulutely lobe. I figured out hout to play two differnt notes other than just eh open strings and I was able to play along with a few worship songs, whcih was a alot of fun. I really can't thin of much esl to write other than I hope that this isn't too hard to read. I think I'm a pretty good typerbut when I make a mistake it's pretty hard to tell howmany times to hit the backspace button and I ahave no idea how many letters I typed out of ouder.

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