Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Haven't Posted in Awhile

Wow it's been a long time since I last posted, sorry about that. I get sidetracked on the computer so easily and run out of time. Well it's going to be next to impossible to remember every new thing I've done since then, because silly me I didn't write anything down. So I will do my best to try and recall what I've done.

Well there were a few days I know I didn't do anything. I just kind of got stuck in my normal routine of doing things and totally forgot until it was too late in the day to think of anything to do. One of the things on my list of things to do was to read a whole book of the Bible in one day. For some reason I've never done that. So that's one thing that I've done. On Sunday I went out of ice cream with a bunch of people after youth group. Now, I have done that before, but my thinking about it (which sounds kind of strange) was new. Usually I'm so hesitant to do stuff and always try to plan everything. This time I just went along with the flow and I didn't care that it was 9 o'clock at night and I wanted hot chocolate (see it usually keeps me up). It was a rather freeing feeling as simple as it may sound.

Monday, I went out to the movies with the girls in my small group. We saw "27 Dresses". It was such a cute movie, and any movie is twice as funny with Mrs. Manis or Angie sitting next to you because both of their laughs are just so amusing. It was really nice to go out and do a normal activity with this group of girls. I'd love to do that again some time.

Tuesday was a fun one. My mom and I were at my grandma's house around lunch time and we wanted to go out to eat (seeing as my grandma never has food in her house). There aren't many restaurants around her house, and lately I haven't been much of a fan of chain restaurants. I like the little privately owned ones; they're always so much better. That's basically all that's around my grandma's house. Then she suggested going to the diner up the street. (Did you know that NJ has the most diners in the world?!) It's amazing how many years you can spend living near something and driving past it all the time and you never go in. So we went to the diner for lunch. It was such a cute little place. It really looked like those typical diners on TV and whatnot. I ordered a typical grilled cheese because I was having such a hard time deciding what to get. I did try some of my grandma's lunch and well I didn't like it. It was some weird meat thing. I think was like pastrami and corned beef and cheese. Yea, didn't like it. I also tried coleslaw. Didn't like that one either. But hey at least I tried it.

Wednesday I went to youth group at a friend's church. I've been to that youth group twice, once for actual youth group and once for a dance. However, this night was different because they have these specialized small groups that are student led and you get to pick which one you want to go to. That takes place of the lesson by the youth pastor for the night. I had a hard time deciding because they all sounded so interesting. I'm going to have to keep going back to try them all. The ones that I remember were, Worship, Art, Christ in the Media, Theology 101, and Dance Team, there was some other one I think but I don't remember it. I chose to go to the worship one. It was truly what I've been needing. Usually, we just think of worship as singing, but it's so much more than that. We talked about worshiping God in everything and always being with Him and how we can "hang out" with God. It made me really think about the songs that we sing and how they're meant to praise God and be prayers to God but we just sing them out of motion or because they have a catchy melody. I'm now really trying to read the words and mean the words. Going to that small group was such an encouragement to me. The people at that youth group are just so nice and friendly it's amazing. I'm thinking that I'm going to keep going there and find out if I can become a part of their youth staff. We'll see.

Today, I had a friend come over who goes to a Christian college in California (she's still home on break in case you couldn't figure that out). I started my philosophy class last week and so far everything has just gone in one ear and out the other. It just so happens that this girl is a philosophy major. So she came over and we talked about philosophy. It sounds so much more interesting when she talks about it. She really brought an interesting perspective on it that I'd never get from a secular college. I had been thinking that philosophy was anti God, but she showed me that it's not and how I can use what I'm learning to praise and worship God. She's truly an amazing woman of God. I just wish that she didn't go to school so far away.

Okay well now that your eyes are probably hurting from reading this ridiculously long post (and I said I wouldn't be writing any more long posts haha), I'm going to end and try really really had to remember to write more often so that you don't have to go through reading any more posts this long.

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  1. You have been busy! I love your long posts and all you are able to learn and do each day. I like the idea of doing something new each day. That is very cool. Hang in there with philosophy. I thought I would never use it either, but it actually has helped knowing it a time or two since I took the class. :-)


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