Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lot's of New Things :]

Today was a day of several new things. The first two aren't very exciting, but hey, they were still new things. This morning I went to have my breakfast and there was only a little bit of milk left in the jug. I was like, "Yes, I can finally drink the milk straight out of the jug." Cause you know, it just wouldn't be very polite to do that when there was still a lot of milk left. I must say, it was rather fun, and it even tasted better. haha I know that sounds silly. Ok now for the second new thing. My mom and I went out to lunch to the cutest little place called The Breakfast Table. I had never been there before, but my mom had. After we were done eating I decided that I'd pay for it, seeing that my mom only had like $20 and she was going out with a friend tomorrow. We were going to split it, but I decided to pay for all of it. She seemed pleasantly surprised and happy. It actually felt very rewarding, and I kinda feel like more of an adult now. Ok, that probably sounds a little silly too, but it's true.

Just a few minutes I got home from driving. I drove in the dark today for the first time. It was interesting. The lights of the oncoming cars were rather distracting but I got to where we were going and home safely. It's actually not as bad as I thought that it would be. My mom was sitting the backseat and that was the first time that she's driven with me since that time that I drove into someone's front yard (yea that's another story). She was kinda scared but she made it okay.

Now for the big one. I rented a cello! Yes I actually did it. For awhile now I've been talking about someday renting a cello. I never really thought that I'd do it, but we went into the music store and they said that it was only like $26 to rent per month and there was no contract or anything so if I decide I don't like it after a month then I've only paid $26. It's SOO much fun! I am in love with the deep sound that it makes. It doesn't have any fret tape on it so it's kinda hard to tell were the notes are, but I'm fairly good at playing by ear so I just sit down and play the piano with it to figure it out. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but man I love the way it feels. I found some online teaching videos and websites so hopefully I'll be able to figure out the basics, then maybe I'll take some lessons to learn how to play music, which would require a new skill, reading bass clef music. I have a hard enough time reading treble clef. Wow, I am having such a good day. This whole new thing every day is really making me happy. I just love talking about what I'm doing and it gives me something to look forward to everyday.

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  1. I have yet to drink milk out of the carton, but I've always wanted to do it.

    A cello? That is REALLY neat!!

    I love your new site! I'm no longer doing anything with myspace, so I'm glad you created this website.


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