Monday, June 11, 2012

welcome to the class of 2013 party! - part 1

well i realize that this has taken me way longer than it should have to post the photos from my class of 2103 model session. they've been edited and done and prepped for the blog for quite some time now. yet some part of me just keeps wanting to drag it out longer. i strangely don't want it to be finished. but i know you've all been dying to see all that i was working on with this shoot. the instagram teasers were driving you nuts and i gave you peeks into the portraits. but by now you've probably totally forgot about this session. so i figured tonight is as good a night as any to post these photos.

throughout the planning this shoot took on many different shapes. it all started because i wanted to involve cupcakes. yes, i really designed a whole shoot around a single pink frosted cupcake. then i started thinking and making things and it turned into a party of sorts. i didn't know what kind of party, then i thought of balloons and well balloons equal birthday party. i kept making and preparing and the day before the shoot the "duh" moment hit me. this wasn't going to be a birthday party, it's going to be a graduation party. i am most definitely a backwards thinker. i wanted to show you that you could have a fun and intimate graduation party with your friends, no tacky graduation cap decorations included.

so now it's time for the photos you've been waiting for. enjoy. :)















stay tuned for part 2 coming later on this week. i hope you enjoyed it.

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