Friday, June 8, 2012

my first photoshoots

i've been wanting to blog these images for awhile now. i've always wanted you all to see my very first photoshoots. not my first photoshoot when i decided to start my business back in 2009. not my first photoshoot when i picked up the school's yearbook camera in 2008. for all of these photos we're going back to 1999 and 2000 with my very first digital camera. which most definitely had less pixels than the worst camera phone that exists now. i don't think i ever thought that i wanted to be a photographer when i was this young. but i did think that i would work for the american girl magazine. i would get the american girl magazines and catalogs and spend time studying how they set up the dolls for the photos. then i'd create my own photoshoots because really i wanted to make my own magazine, but i never got that far. i only got as far as the photos. so i guess i've always wanted to be a photographer, even if my own brain didn't consciously decide that until about 4 years ago.
enjoy the journey into my 10 year old mind. 

 See I told you it was most definitely the worst camera in the world.

 that photo on the right, that's what happens when your dad shows you the wonderful world that is photoshop elements when you're 10 years old.
and this one has nothing to do with my dolls, but i found it when i was looking through the old photos. i remember there was some class assignment where we had to take a picture and write a story or something about our pet. i had never had a pet, not even a fish, so i made a pet hot dog. yep i was cool.

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