Thursday, May 3, 2012

liz & the lions

hey so it's been awhile since i've posted a blog entry. well, sorry for that to all of you who enjoy reading these posts. i've been busy planning and preparing for my stylized shoot with my high school models, which happens to be this saturday. eeeeee!!!! i've been making craft projects like crazy. and it's fun. i need to do stylized shoots more often because they make me feel wonderful and like i've actually accomplished something.

anyway, that's not the point of this post. this post pretty much has nothing to do photography it all. it all has to do with this wonderful band called "liz &the lions". they use their music to help fight extreme poverty through out the world, as well as to raise awareness of poverty. to quote from their website,
"Liz and the Lions is an international folk band formed by a Brit, a German and a few Americans that formed together through our love for music and serving the poor. We just released our new album “Learning to be dangerous.” Learning to be dangerous is not only the name of our album but the anthem of the band. We are apart of a movement called “Pick a Pocket”. We are strong believers in the idea that art and music can bring radical change to our world. With one third of the word living in extreme poverty, we want to dedicate our music to bringing awareness and solutions to help end poverty. When we are not on tour with our music, we are working in Germany and in developing countries in Africa and Asia, to help support projects that serve people in extreme poverty. This summer we want to take our music and message to the youth of America on an East Coast tour and we are asking you to be apart of making this tour happen. "
right now they live in germany and they are planning their united states tour. so this is where the point of this post comes in. as you can imagine, flying a whole band from germany to the united states isn't all that cheap. so they are needing your help to be able to afford this tour. so far their funding campaign is really struggling. it would be so incredibly awesome if some of you who are reading this could donate to them. i'm not exactly sure of all of their playing locations, but i know for certain that they will be in bangor, pa as well as bethlehem, pa. they may also be in several places in new jersey, new york, and north carolina. they are also in need of a van that they can use to do all of their traveling in. so if you, or your church have a van that they could use, please contact them. they will love you forever.

p.s. liz happens to be the wonderfully talented artist who created my little logo drawings. and as further incentive to donate, if you donate $300 you can get a drawing of you in the band, plus other fun goodies like a photo print, cd, and stickers. how cute would that be?!





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