Monday, April 9, 2012

the way you move- featuring hillary

Almost every day I drive by this wonderfully beautiful uprooted tree on the side of the road. I was wanting to take photos there in the worst kind of way. And then I heard this song by Audrey Assad and was completely inspired. I knew I just HAD to use that uprooted tree for some photos. Thanks to Hillary for offering to model. There will be more photos of her later this week since she's just so stinkin gorgeous and I couldn't get a single bad picture of her.

I was also inspired by God's love and how it changes you. It tears up sins and attitudes and hurts in your life that feel like they're just so much a part of you that there's no way they could ever be gone. It kinda hurts, but it's incredibly beautiful because He's making you into the person that He created you to be. And nothing can be more beautiful than living out the identity that God intended for you. I love that these sins don't stand a chance against the way that God moves. He's already conquered them through His death and all it takes is our willingness to surrender to Him.

Just click play on this video to listen to this song while looking at the photos.

The Way You Move - by Audrey Assad
I know that they hardest part of love is not the things I have to give / It's what I give up / I'm giving up ground / I'm trading in my solitude for safety now // All my pride / You know it doesn't stand a chance / Against the way you move / You're tearing up roots and breaking down walls / I don't stand a chance at all against the way you move // You're like a lion standing in my house / You're taking off the doors on your way in / 'Cause I got nothing left to hide behind / You're reading all my faith and all my fear in my eyes // I don't stand a chance //











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