Thursday, February 23, 2012

exploring my inner martha stewart

For Christmas my Dad bought my Mom a huge Martha Stewart book with parties that she had in every season and holiday, called Martha's Entertaining A Year of Celebrations. It's FULL of gorgeous food photos. I probably haven't shared this before, but one of my dreams, and it has been for awhile, is to shoot photos for a magazine or catalog. And Martha Stewart's magazine happens to be one that inspires me the most, that and Country Living. So I thought I'd spend my afternoon practicing my still life photography skills. For some reason, I've always wanted take photos of eggs. Not quite sure why. I guess it might be because of the degree to which white really inspires me. You'd think that color would be the most inspiring, but not necessarily for me. There is just something about white that makes my heart happy. And I don't really think I could describe it any other way than that. Also, I've been taking a black and white film photography class for the past couple of weekends, and it continues for the next 4 weeks. I haven't had much practice shooting film, and no practice developing film at all. So I figured I needed to take some photos that I didn't care too much about for my first roll of film until I get the hang of this. I'm took worried to take pictures of things that I really want to take pictures of and have them not turn out. I figured eggs would be a nice simple starter subject. Of course I took some photos with my digital camera as well. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots with you.

Well, I hope that my film photos turn out looking half decent. I converted some of these photos to black and white, and man did they look bad. I didn't really realize quite how much color and shadow is in white. I guess I will find out on Saturday.





See the black and white just doesn't seem to be working. Or maybe it's more that I'm just not too much of a fan of black and white.

Oh and I added in a teacup for a little afternoon tea. It's lovely.








I think that this one is my favorite shot. It reminds me so much of photos that I see in Martha Stewart magazines.


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