Thursday, January 19, 2012

outfit remix | week 3

I'm blogging this weeks outfits a little bit early because tomorrow I'll be heading down to Nashville, TN for the most awesome photography workshop. This whole thing is starting to get really difficult. I miss the rest of my closet like a it's a friend living in another state. And I'm realizing that pieces that I thought were so versatile end up not being so versatile. I'm wishing that I picked other pieces. And I may have "cheated" a couple of times. Once with a pair of shoes and another with a striped t-shirt. I just traded one striped t-shirt for another. haha. But well I'm not counting it as cheating.

Saturday January 14


Sunday January 15

So I feel like these pictures don't really do this outfit justice. I may not have been too lazy to put together the outfit, but I was too lazy to take a picture.

Monday January 16


Tuesday January 17

I think my outfits are starting to get weird. This may or may not work.

Wednesday January 18

When you set up the camera on a dresser instead of a tripod heads get cut off. The first picture I took my head was cut off, and then I realized I like it, so I did it more on purpose.

Thursday January 19


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