Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Annie {anytime portraits} | Nazareth, PA


I met Annie about 3 or 4 years ago in a painting class at Northampton Community College. We didn't talk much then. That was back when I was still weird and hardly talked, ha. Then this summer I was in desperate need of a second shooter for Charlotte and Siloe's wedding and couldn't seem to find one anywhere. Then my mom ran into her mom at church (her mom was my brother's second grade teacher, such a small world). Annie's mom mentioned that Annie was getting in to photography. My mom said that I was in need of a second shooter, and a week or so later we met up at Barnes & Noble and talked for hours. Pretty much the whole time I was kicking myself wondering why I never really talked to this girl before, because she's just awesome and we have so much in common. So we shot the wedding together and have been hanging out quite frequently since then. I can easily say that Annie is quickly becoming one of my closest friends. She makes me do stuff and get outside of my introverted self. Which is such a good thing.



q. If you could live in any time period, which would you choose and why?

a. When Jesus walked the earth. I want to meet him!




q. What is one thing that you like the most about yourself?

a. I feel that I can talk to anyone and still be completely Annie. It’s honest.



q. What childhood memory makes you smile the most?

a. It’s actually not my exact memory, but it is something I was told about someone I care about.
When my best friend was a little boy he was eating birthday cake and was trying to fit the piece of cake very carefully in his mouth without getting icing anywhere on his little face. I love this story because when I was 4 I was ravenously stuffing as much cake in my mouth as I could getting it all over my little cheeks.



q. Not like you'd ever want to loose one of you senses, but if it did happen which would you be the least sad about loosing (sight, smell, taste, hearing, voice)?

a. All of those would be a great loss and would be awful to me for different reasons. However, If I lost my voice, that might not be as devastating to me. I can express myself in other ways. I am an artist and half the time I can’t find the words to describe how I feel. That is why I end up getting so animated, and why I create visual art through dance and other media. I could express my true state better in an abstract dance full with facial expression and movement than a mouthful! I would miss singing, but there are plenty of great singers who have passed that did a beautiful job for me.




q. If you were given a $1000 gift card, which store would you want it to be for and what would you buy?

a. The Thrift Store…or Fabric Mart.



q. If you got a tattoo, what would you get and where?

a. I have thought about this before. I would get a dove carrying an olive branch on my bum. Actually…no…on my leg…wait no I like my legs… on my left arm somewhere. I want to look at it.




q. What super power would you most want to have?

a. I had to google search super powers…because I don’t know about them…and after some extensive research I’ve decided to make up my own. I want the power of PDCOD…“Perfectly Decadent Cupcakes On Demand”. Anywhere, anytime I can just wave my magical whisk and there’s enough for a friend in need, or to get a party started for 12. Can be a great way to be accepted by new neighbors. And I like surprises.

Hahaha. I seriously laughed out loud when I read this answer. I have never heard of anyone googling super powers before. She's hilarious!


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