Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Friday: Monday Edition

It's Monday. I forgot about my Friday blogging. Boo. So here's some more photos from the past two weeks from my iPhone. This thing is just so much fun. Lately, I've been really into taking pictures of fruit and vegetables. I'm not quite sure why, but they're just so pretty and interesting. And it's a lot easier to take pictures in the grocery store with an iPhone. I'm pretty sure that I'd get some awfully strange looks from people if I pulled out my "real" camera.




I like how grocery stores are arranged. There's just so much of one kind of thing and they're lined up so perfectly.

She was so excited for chocolate cake.

And it was really good cake.




I also wanted to let you know that coming up this week I'm going to be doing a bunch of give-aways and specials because it just so happens to be Christmas in July. It's not like Christmas is my favorite holiday that I have to celebrate it twice, but I just really wanted an excuse to give away things. Because giving is fun. I'll be giving away some photo related things and some not photo related things, as well as a FREE session. So I wanted to start this week off by letting you know how you could win the free session.

So all you have to do is send an email to telling me why you think you should win a free session. Or better yet, send me an email nominating someone else and why you think they should win a free session. You have all of this week to send in emails or comment on this blog entry. I will announce the winner on July 27 right here on the blog and I will also email the winner. I'm looking forward to hearing your answers.

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