Thursday, July 21, 2011

Portrait Session Giveaway

Hello everyone! A couple of days ago I mentioned that this week I was going to be giving away a free portrait session, so I wanted to give you all a little more information about it. For this session, I'm looking for a fun, or unique, or touching story to go along with it. Say maybe you've always wanted to do a really stylized photoshoot with lots of props and a story behind it but just never thought it to be all that practical of an idea. Or maybe you want pictures of you actually proposing to your girlfriend. Maybe you'd like to surprise your daughter with a photoshoot for her 16th birthday. Perhaps you know a family that has been dealing with a lot of stress in their life due to whatever it may be and need some time to relax and enjoy each other and capture memories. Send me your stories and ideas. Feel free to nominate someone that you know because surprises are always nice. You can either leave a comment or send an email to

*Note: The session fee and $50 print credit is what is included, all other prints must be ordered separately. This contest is open to anyone within 45mins of Nazareth, PA. For any location further than 45mins away there may be a travel fee. This contest is also open to those of you who may be reading this blog in Roanoke, VA. I will be heading down there sometime in the near future to visit friends, so no travel costs will be added.

** The winner will be chosen on July 30. So start thinking of your ideas.

And since no post is complete without a photo, here's a sneak peek of a spontaneous session I did with my friend Devin on Tuesday. She sure has the "model face" down. She's just so gorgeous I can hardly stand it.


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